Umrah Packages Updated Information

Umrah Package Guidelines

Agencies across all the cities of Pakistan offer coinvent umrah packages but buying one from an agency in Karachi requires thorough inspection on your behalf. To ensure that your umrah package satiates your needs does not cause you any nuisance during the journey, select a decent package from an esteemed agency. To keep the umrah experience remarkable and comfortable, research protocols are necessary. Contact Zia Travel Agency if you need more details.

Types of Packages

The umrah packages can range from economy to extravagant packages. According to your budget and requirements, we can offer you packages with 2-star as well as 5-star hotels. To avail of the 5-star hotel package, you must book the ticket from airlines such as Emirates, Saudi Airlines, PIA, and Turkish Airlines. For the 2-star hotel package, we can reserve the booking for Air Blue, Flydubai, Flynas, and similar airlines. You can also utilize the executive umrah packages where we can provide you with business class tickets.


Group packages are also available, which contain economy hotels that are usually situated 1-1.5 km from Masjid Al-Haram and Masjid-e-Nabwi. The 5-star hotels of the executive package are at a distance of 50-200 km from Haram. These hotels can provide you a view of Haram. The few and expensive rooms available can get you the full and plain view of Kaaba.

Package Cancellation

Before purchasing the umrah package, check the cancellation policy of your agency to educate yourself on cancellation deadlines and penalties. In case of a flight cancellation on your behalf, you will be ineligible for the refund, and the cancellation fee will apply to you. To change hotels or cancel reservations, you must contact your travel agency to oversee the matters.

Package And Features

The duration of the Umrah package is 30 days. After the issuance of your visa, you must arrive in Saudi Arabia within the first 14 days. After your arrival, you can perform the umrah and stay in the country. Your departure will commence two weeks from your arrival date. Therefore, you must complete your journey within 30 days.
To get the umrah visa without the tour package is only possible if you have already performed Hajj or Umrah recently or you have a relative living in Saudi Arabia who can provide you accommodation. For getting an Umrah visa, you will have to provide us with all your documents and details. The documents must include soft copies of the front passport page, national identity card, and a recent picture.
To further assist you in your umrah journey, we will have one of our staff members at the departure airport. Once you reach Saudi Arabia, show your passport to the bus driver to arrive at the hotel. At the hotel, another one of our staff members will help you get settled and provide for your needs. There are no tour guides necessary as you can easily find people around you who can speak Urdu.
In the executive Umrah package, you have the option to book a private van or SUV from hotel to airport or Makkah to Medina and vice versa. For the economy class package, our staff is available on the bus to aid you through the journey.